Tug McGraw's Mixed Nutts Team-Making a Difference for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum.

"These are my baseball heroes." Meristem parent about the Mixed Nutts

Stanford research shows, Intergenerational activities are beneficial for both the aging and the young. When older adults contribute to the well-being of youth and young adults, it cultivates a sense of purpose and extends benefits both ways. Parker, Clifton B. (2016). Older people offer resources that children need, Stanford News.

Borman Field, Yountville Veterans Home. On May 6th, the Mixed Nutts players along with players from the Yountville Fire Department and the Veterans Home of California, Yountville staff waited in anticipation for the three vans to arrive from Meristem. Meristem is a cutting edge school in Fair Oaks, California whose mission is to help young adults on the autism spectrum lead more fulfilling and independent lives.

This was no ordinary team that was coming to play, it was the return of Jack “Jackman” Brusstar, who played frequently with the Mixed Nutts over the years. Today, I'm writing this blog as a Mom and not the CEO of Tug McGraw, I’m genuinely touched for all the support and confidence the Mixed Nutts team gave to my son over the years. Why? At the age of 2, he was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Photo: 93 year old US Army Veteran, Bob Bischoff and the Jack Brusstar. Jack's father is is former Major League Baseball pitcher, Warren Brusstar.

"I can't believe my son played softball!

I never would have imagined!" Zach's Mom

Twenty years later, to see my son organizing a trip for 15 of his schoolmates so they too can experience the Mixed Nutts and the game he so loves was heartfelt.

Photo: Meristem student Zach making sure Napa local Jason was okay after he tries to tag him out.

For many of these students it was the first time they stepped on to a field, sang the anthem, raised the flag, called a game, held a bat, grounded a ball and herd cheers as they rounded a base.

"Ya Gotta Believe"

Mixed Nutts, Home staff and the Yountville Fire Department

together you made a difference not only on the field

but created memories to remember off the field for a lifetime.

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About Meristem School, Fair Oaks California

MERISTEM serves young adults on the autism spectrum by helping them develop practical life skills, increase social capacity, and transition to work and independence. We build the foundation for a productive life by helping to optimize the potential of each individual. A special emphasis is placed on preparing students for entry into the workforce or pursuing higher education. The Real World is our Classroom. The three-year day and residential program uses a contemporary apprenticeship model to develop contextualized, transferable skills to transition young adults into work life. Students learn in highly personalized ways. Learning is individualized, structured, and self-directed. To learn more about Meristem visit, www.meristem.pro

About the Tug McGraw Foundation (TMF) Mixed Nutts Program

Our aim is to help veterans, Home staff and community improve their physical, cognitive, social and spiritual components of their health through one of America’s favorite pastime sport. The Mixed Nutts encourage and support veterans and individuals of all ages who want to explore playing ball, in spite of physical or other challenges. Residents from the Veterans Home play in replica vintage uniforms worn by the Home's 1915 Veteran Team who played at Borman Field. Veteran players range in ages from 57 to 93 years Young! Residents are treated to snacks from the snack shack by TMF. In turn, proceeds paid to by TMF to Borman Field go to maintain her beauty. Double play! Click here, To learn more about the Mixed Nutts.

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