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Tim McGraw and Guy Fieri, the Event That Rolled Back Time-We Can't Wait to do it Again in 2023!

Who won Team Guy or Team Tim?

Tug's Mixed Nutts Play with Purpose 

The Tug McGraw Foundation Mixed Nutts Softball Program, is one of three wellness programs designed by the Tug McGraw Foundation for the veteran residents and spouses at the Veterans Home of California, Yountville. Through the game of softball, The Mixed Nutts program aims to help players to improve their physical, cognitive, social and spiritual components of their health. Quality of life enhancement is our goal for as many residents as possible. Creating sustainable programs around exercise, healthy eating, and socialization in turn creates a community support system to help better achieve one’s wellness goals.

Why Purpose Matters for the Brain and Body


Purpose in Life (PIL) is a research area that focuses on the interactions between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social, and spiritual factors can directly affect health. It links the belief that your life has meaning and purpose to a robust and persistently improved physiological health outcome. Kaplin, A., Anzaldi L., 2015. New Movement in Neuroscience: A Purpose Driven Life.

How the Game Tug Loved Addresses Quality of Life

The Tug McGraw Foundation’s (TMF) Mixed Nutts Softball program aims to address “purpose” in one’s life as an opportunity to help improve quality of life in areas of brain wellness. In addition to showcasing the game that Tug McGraw loved, it also gives an opportunity to raise awareness in areas of quality of life for those who are affected by brain-related trauma and tumors.

Fun Mixed Nutts Stats

• Mixed Nutts play on Cleve Borman Field, a hidden “Field of Dreams” dating back to the late 1800s,       located on the Veterans Home of California, Yountville


• K&P Weaver Vintage Uniform designers together with the Tug McGraw Foundation reproduced the       Mixed Nutts uniforms from the Veteran’s Home original 1914 uniforms, a semi pro team that play on     Borman Field.

• Mixed Nutts’ Team are comprised of veterans, veteran spouses, and veteran children


• Mixed Nutts play members from the Yountville Fire House, community, and local businesses

** In 2021, Meristem School for young adults on the autism spectrum designed a program for their students to have an opportunity to play ball.  It was a first for many of the students to every be on a field and field a team.  In 2023, the Meristem students will be back for two scheduled games and we 

welcome the All About Ability students from Napa that will joining them! 

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A Place Where Tug Played and the Home of the Foundation 


The Tug McGraw Foundation is located on the grounds of the Veterans Home of California in Yountville. This incredible place is home to nearly 1000 veteran residents. It's also home to one of our nation's most beautiful baseball fields. A field of dreams that Tug loved to play on while growing up in the Napa Valley region. And since Tug McGraw was also a marine, it seemed the perfect choice to make our foundation's headquarters rooted right here at the Yountville Veterans Home. 

Tug McGraw Pancake Breakfast 2021
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