Our Programs and Projects

In recent years, TMF expanded its mission by creating wellness programs for residents at the Yountville Veterans Home of California. Each program helps veterans to improve their physical, cognitive, social and spiritual components of their health. Quality of life enhancement is our goal for as many residents as possible. Creating sustainable programs around exercise, healthy eating, and socialization in turn creates a community support system to help better achieve one’s wellness goals.

Tugger's Mixed Nutts

 Physical activity is the best medicine to maintain brain health throughout your lifespan and what better way than with America's favorite pastime.

Tug's Brain Food Garden

Greens matter for Gray matter. Planting, growing, preparing, and giving #Realfood for the brain. 

The Creative Brain 

Art enhances brain function and well-being. Art programs not only offer new ways to communicate, but also a pathway to learn new coping skills.

Education | Projects

Our goal is to maximize collaboration opportunities and to further education for healthcare providers, students and individuals engaged in sustaining and and advancing evidence based treatments for civilians, veterans, military, and their families that are affected by brain-related trauma and or tumors. 


A diagnosis of a brain tumor, TBI and or PTSD may be the most difficult challenge you and your family will ever have to face. Our goal is to offer you resources and the information necessary to move forward with confidence and hope.

Where we Work and Why

Tug McGraw Foundation is located on the grounds of the Veterans Home of California in Yountville. This incredible place is home to nearly 1000 veteran residents.

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The Tug McGraw Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax identification number is 20-0586256.

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