Why Cognitive Health is Important as We Age

Brain Basics

One of our three pillars to improving quality life for those affected by neurological conditions, such as post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and brain tumors is to create brain wellness programs for residents at the Yountville Veterans Home of California. Each program helps veterans to improve their physical, cognitive, social and spiritual components of their health. Creating sustainable programs around exercise, healthy eating, and socialization in turn creates a community support system to help better achieve one’s wellness goals.

Cognitive health—the ability to clearly think, learn, and remember— is an important component of brain health. National Institute of Health, (2019)

  • Motor function—how well you make and control movements

  • Emotional function—how well you interpret and respond to emotions

  • Sensory function—how well you feel and respond to sensations of touch, including pressure, pain, and temperature

NIHs Focus Guide to Improving Cognitive Health

  • Take Care of Your Health Eat Healthy Foods

  • Be Physically Active

  • Keep Your Mind Active

  • Stay Connected

TMF's 2019 Cognitive Workout Programs for the Veterans Home of Yountville, California


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