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Why Art Matters for Gray Matter

The Tug McGraw Foundation Creative Brain Project is designed to help promote the benefits of creating art to enhance  brain wellness.  We do this by exhibiting, promoting engaging and inspiring art opportunities  and collaborating with others.

Own a Piece of Their Art

The Tug McGraw Foundation is proud to help support individuals and veterans sell and share their creative work .

Yun So Bold As Love Jimmy Hendrix Tug Mc
San Francisco Art Academy Exhibits

For the past three years, the Tug McGraw Foundation in collaboration with San Francisco's Fleet Week and the Art Academy have produced three exhibits featuring the artists from the Veterans Home of California, Yountville. 2020 Call-outs TBA.

Tug McGraw fStop_selfportrait_2_1_b&
Fstop Warrior Project

Tug McGraw's Fstop Warrior Project was embedded in Camp Pendleton's Wounded Warrior Battalion. The three year program was offered as apart of rehabilitation program. Like many creative endeavors, learning digital photography as adjunct to traditional therapies can help increase attention span, focus and concentration. Photography as a medium facilitates self-expression and communication. 

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