Napa's Bay-Friendly Garden Tours Discovers Tug's Secret Brain Food Garden

Presented by Napa County Resource Conservation District, City of Napa Water Division, Town of Yountville, and the UC Master Gardeners, Napa Valley’s 8th local Bay-Friendly Garden Tour featured 11 gardens in Napa and Yountville that provide inspiration for creating beautiful low-impact landscapes.

This year was the first year that our own Tug McGraw Foundation “Tug’s Brain Food Garden” was selected. The garden was chosen because of its purpose is to encourage Veterans and employees at our Veterans Home of California-Yountville to improve their physical, cognitive, social and spiritual components of their health, through sustainable programs of exercise, healthy eating and socialization.

It was also the first time many of the 98 total visitors had even heard or seen of our lovely gardens. Sunday, June 2 was a perfect day it was to find us.

The day began at 10am, when the first set of visitors walked through the gates. Visitors were greeted and given a brief history of the garden, the “Egg Plant,” and the garden’s scarecrows. The scarecrows were created in a contest last August. Another contest will be held this August. Visitors also had the chance to meet our hard-working gardeners.

Brochures on a table explained about the program and gave information about upcoming events. Also on the table was signup sheet for comments and a chance to enter their e-mail address for newsletter. Another table held a variety of seed packets for taking.

For more information about “Tug’s Brain Food Garden,” you can visit or come by to see the garden.

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