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Moments of 2020

2020: What we Learned and Did

"Your heart is bigger than you will ever know." Tim McGraw


As this very challenging year draws to a close, we'd like to share with you the incredible things we accomplished in 2020-despite obstacle after obstacle. In our 2020 look back, honorary chair, Tim McGraw opens up the pictorial with a heartfelt message for the community we serve. The Tug McGraw Foundation is struck with deep gratitude for our sponsors, donors, volunteers, community and colleagues who linked arms with us in this unprecedented year. In a time when our programs were more important than ever, we thank all of you for helping us continue to improve quality of life for those affected by brain-related trauma and tumors-Through education, resources and brain wellness programs.


The pandemic forced us to get out of our comfort zone, it forced us to make tough decisions, it forced us to pivot and because of that we are now in a better position for 2021 and ready to go!

2020 Season Opener

Team McGraw just wrapped up the season opener with a screening of Lionsgate's Midway film. A heartfelt event that brought the community and 92 WWII veterans together for an intergenerational activity. The Brain Food Garden was being prepped for spring, the Mixed Nutts schedule was locked-in, FleetWeek Art Exhibit was on the books, and our annual Home Depot Event was on the horizon.


Taking from Tug's play book, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting the challenge head-on and adapting to the circumstances. We pivoted and found creative ways to fulfill our mission while safely staying socially connected.


When the bases are loaded 

the tough get going 

Little did we know...


after sending our final ad proof to the New York Mets for their 2020 program. That the six action items we champion to boost cognitive fitness would become even more critical to practice during a world-wide pandemic that called for isolation.


"Exercise, Garden, Socialize,

Create Art, Eat Healthy and Sleep

With some tweaks here and there, in 2020, we continued to Improve Quality of life for those affected by brain-related trauma and tumors through education, resources and brain wellness programs

Harvest Deliveries. We Gotcha!


Tending our Brain Food Garden this season gave us an opportunity to cultivate resilience in an open space and to give harvest in a time of need. Since April, we’ve harvested 11 times and delivered fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, basil, celery, and peppers campus wide. To safely deliver the harvest, a portable fruit stand was built.

Tugger's Farm Stand


inspired by the apple farms from TMF's CEO, Jennifer Brusstar's home town of Corralitos, CA.  Habitat for Humanity Napa-Solano built the portable stand. The creative arts gang painted and fully pimped it out for travel!

A Special Thank You to Habitat for Humanity Napa-Solano and Home Depot foundation 

Our annual June event with Home Depot Foundation was cancelled due to Covid. What did they do?  They had Habitat for Humanity Napa-Solano come out and completed the 2020 projects that were slated. 

In order to protect our senior veterans from covid, the Veterans Home of California, Yountville  has been closed to all visitors since April.  

Giving Gratitude to 2020's MVPs

Tim McGraw gave a shout out to all the Home’s 800 essential health care workers and to all residents for their ongoing efforts with COVID-19.


“you are the best we have to offer in this country, everyone at the Veterans Home of California-Yountville has done an amazing job during the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Brain Bliss. Live music. Grammy-Award winning country singer, actor and chairman of the Tug McGraw Foundation gave the 800 veterans from the Home a live concert opportunity they could enjoy from the comforts of their very own room.  The Home's private TV circuit KVET aired the concert. 

Doing things safely

took a lot of creativity

Be that winner. After the concert, over 300 residents submitted their concert raffle ticket for an opportunity to win a catered meal of their choice by a local chef, The lucky winner was Kathy Touhy. Not only did she win a meal for herself but 47 other meals for her entire domiciliary unit. 


Thank you Chef Maurice and

Board Member Jim Treadway

for helping to serve it safely

Going Virtual in 2020 was the Thing!

For the past four years, we have participated in Fleet Week’s veteran art exhibit and  softball tournament. During the month of October our regular participants were able to log on from their computers and view San Francisco’s Fleet Week virtually. The veteran art exhibit was a retrospect from the past 10 years that included veteran artists from the home.

Meristem School-Tug McGraw Foundation.pn
Sharing our Play Book-Inspiring Others 

Veteran Mentors. In August, members of the Brain Food Garden met with the garden students at Meristem School in Fair Oaks, CA. A school dedicated to preparing young adults on the autism spectrum for a life of greater independence and fulfillment. Together they discussed ways to garden and gave the veterans a tour of their programs.


In 2021, Meristem will partner

with the Tug McGraw Foundation

to build a Brain Food Garden #2. 

Great Way to End the Season

Ya Gotta Believe

Tim McGraw Receives Tom Hanks 
Award for his work with veterans
and the Tug McGraw Foundation

Washington, DC (October 20, 2020) ⎯ The Elizabeth Foundation's Heroes and History Makers Event honored Tim McGraw the honorary chair of the Tug McGraw Foundation, the Tom Hanks Caregiver Champion Award. The award is in recognition of his outstanding support for military and veteran caregivers.


The virtual event celebrated and honored caregivers for their heroic journeys. Including caregiver Beth Osborn for her dedication in caring for her brother, CSM Army veteran Royd Patterson who participated in Tug McGraw Foundation programs. Previous recipients include Actor and Hidden Heroes Campaign Co-chair Tom Hanks for whom the award was named and Former First Lady Michelle Obama. Tim McGraw is the third recipient.  

2020 was difficult for so many individuals and businesses
We want to thank all of you for your contributions. 
You have a made a difference

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