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Pick Your Own Event!
run, walk, hike, cycle or even roll

Through exercise, endurance and philanthropy, members of Team McGraw participate in a variety of athletic events, walks, hikes, marathons, to 5Ks, as a means to promote awareness and raise funds to support the Tug McGraw Foundation mission and its initiatives.


Athletes who run as part of Team McGraw are required to raise a minimum of $250.00 in support of the Tug McGraw Foundation's mission.

Participant receives:

•    Team McGraw T-shirt
•    Team McGraw Bracelet & Shoelaces
•    Personalized Fundraising Web Page
•    Fundraising Incentives and Awards


•    $250 Team McGraw Beanie
•    $500 Team McGraw Teck Jacket
•    $1000 Personalized Tug McGraw Silver Cuff Baseball Bracelet

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