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Our Mission and Approach

The Tug McGraw Foundation (TMF) was established by Tug McGraw in 2003 to enhance the quality of life for kids and adults diagnosed with debilitating neurological brain conditions such as brain tumors, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


With its extensive and well connected network, TMF has been instrumental in bridging military and civilian resources to help as many patients as as possible. Through fundraising, education and collaboration,TMF continues to create opportunities focused on improving the lives of patients, along with their families, in effort to extend and improve their standard of living.  

In recent years, TMF expanded its mission by creating wellness programs for residents at the Yountville Veterans Home of California. Each program helps veterans to improve their physical, cognitive, social and spiritual components of their health. Quality of life enhancement is our goal for as many residents as possible. Creating sustainable programs around exercise, healthy eating, and socialization in turn creates a community support system to help better achieve one’s wellness goals.

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