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Meet the Artists

Bob "Gourd Man"  Bischoff, U.S. Army WWII Veteran

Born in San Jose in 1926.  Fast forward eighteen years, drafted to the U.S. Army in 1944,  trained at Camp Roberts, shipped to the Philippines, served in the I & R Platoon of the 108 Reg. Combat team. When the war was over, Bob was deployed to Korea.  
Post military career, Bob attended San Jose State College, majored in commercial art with a math minor. He continued to further his education at UC Berkeley School of Architecture until his G.I.  Bill ran out.  


For over sixty years, Bob searched for his medium, exploring pencil pen, and ink, paint, sculpture, stained glass, and wood carving.  He tried them all.  

About twenty-one years ago,  he discovered gourds at a craft fair. Today, he draws, he carves, he colors.  Bob spends fifty to eighty hours on each piece and every minute of that is sheer pleasure.  He has one unbreakable rule:  "I am through for the day when I start thinking! "

Bob Bischoff's Gourds Collection is Inspired by Abstract Shapes and Earth's Colors

Many of the gourds Bob uses he has grown himself.  Currently he is growing a new group of gourds in the Tug McGraw Foundation's Brain Food Garden.  This particular collection was inspired by Earth's colors and abstract shapes. Bob uses several techniques in creating his one-of-kind pieces. They include pen, etching, carving, and staining, 

Bob has shown his work at numerous art fairs, including Yountville's Annual Sip and Stroll and San Francisco's Fleet Week in partnership with the San Francisco Art Academy and the Tug McGraw Foundation. Bob lives at the Veterans Home of California, Yountville. When he is not creating art, you can find him in the Tug McGraw Brain Food Garden or on the Borman Field Baseball Diamond as a member of Tug's Mixed Nutts Softball Team. Where he has earned the nickname "Gourd Man."