"The Triple" Twenty-five (25) ball park experiences for veterans

The Brains need more than simply the food we eat, the oxygen we breath, and the water we drink. There’s something else, something equally as important: it needs other people. Normal brain function depends on the social web around us. Our neurons require other people’s neurons to thrive and survive. 


Sponsorship Benefits

  • Corporate/Individual logo and hotlink on The Tug McGraw Foundation's Mixed Nutts https://www.tugmcgraw.org/mixed-nutts-softball
  • Recognitions from Mixed Nutts' emcee for all schedule 2019 games 
  • Corporate/Individual logo on Veteran's incentive shirt
  • Corporate/Individual logo on commerative Mixed Nutts program 
  • (10) Ya Gotta Believe Bracelets 


"The Triple"

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