Tim McGraw and the Tug McGraw Foundation Delivering Simple Pleasures: Music with a Home Cooked Meal

Yountville Veterans Home employees Becci and Aurora passing out tickets to Tim McGraw concert and raffle tickets.

The best things always start with the simplest of situations, in this case it was a ticket, for a

"Here on Earth" concert experience that Grammy Award winning country superstar and actor Tim McGraw was to stream on KVET…in addition to the concert, we were asked to fill in the blanks on the same ticket with our name and section, to be turned in on Monday, the 24th of August, with the winner to be announced on Tuesday the 25th, for a chef prepared meal not only for the winner, but for his or her entire section.

On Wednesday, the 26th of August, Kathy Tuhy of Section F, awoke to begin celebrating her birthday, and was just getting ready when there came a knock on her door, thinking it was probably one of the section's nursing staff, there to deliver breakfast to her, she was surprised when Lisa Peake, the administrator, Jennifer Brusstar, from the Tug McGraw Foundation, and several others, came into her room carrying a bunch of balloons and proceeded to not only wish her a happy birthday, but to let her know that she and her sections F/M had the winning raffle ticket for the luncheon.

Photo: Winner, Kathy Tuhy receiving a congrats from Jennifer Brusstar of the Tug McGraw Foundation.

Upon looking over the options, Kathy chose what turned out to be a wonderful Cajun Menu, consisting of Baby Back Ribs, Sweet Potatoes, Grits, Green Salad, Jambalaya, and Banana Foster Pudding for dessert.

In October, the residents of section F and M were handed a flyer, inviting them to have a "Fat Friday Cajun Luncheon” being served on the outside patio and gardens in front of the building...

Needles to say, it was once again a joyful occasion, very well prepared and organized by Jennifer and the Tug McGraw Foundation, as always, Jennifer and board member, Jim Treadway cheerfully handed out a sack with a menu selection of the food that we could choose from. Included in the sack was plastic silverware and the option of what we wanted to drink....I must say that with supplies of bottled water being rationed out, that was the one thing that most of us chose...

Photo to left: Tug McGraw Foundation indvidually packed a menu, pen, and silverware for each resident.

Photos: Residents from Section F/M enjoying Chef Maurice's Home Cooked Meal

So thanks to all of those who worked hard on the preparation and presentation of the whole joyful event, from the concert to the drawing to the actual luncheon presentation of Chef Maurice’s prepared food that made the day a lot brighter, and also to Kathy for making her birthday a very special one this year: Happy Birthday, Kathy....

Source: Bill White is a veteran resident at the Veterans Home of Yountville who covers events for the Home's newsletter.

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