F-35s, The Blue Angels and Tug's Mixed Nutts Make an Appearance at San Francisco's 2019 Flee

San Francisco-- Fleet Week is one of the cities most popular events, drawing nearly a million visitors to the city by the bay. As the Navy's elite force, the Blue Angels and the F35 teams were doing practice runs in the great blue yonder; down below another type of force consisting of Yoda, Wheels, Ten Bears, Boss Lady and the Jackman were demonstrating to First Responders, Navy and the Marines what it takes to be all that you can be at any age.

For the second year in a row, The Mixed Nutts, the all veteran, veteran spouse team including Jack "Jackman" Brusstar, son of former Major League Pitcher, Warren Brusstar and Brian "Flash" Johnson from Napa PSI program together played an exhibition game at Moscone Field against First Responders and members of the US Navy and US Marine Corps.

Photos: Mixed Nutts Team, Brian "Flash" Johnson, Veteran Steve "Wheels" and Jack "Jackman" Brusstar

The exhibition game kicked off with the National Anthem but with a twist. As the teams removed their hats, they quickly realized there was no flag. Mixed Nutts US Navy veteran player Steve "Wheels" Miller made the save. Draped on the back of his Freedom 6x6 chair track chair hung Old Glory with her stars and stripes.

"Fleet Week's Softball tournament furthers our impact by helping us bridge the gap between generations as well as military generations. By doing so, we are helping to improve the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical well-being of youth and older adults." Said TMF's CEO Jennifer Brusstar. "We are truly grateful to the Fleet Week team, the Olympic Club and our Nation's Armed Forces for this opportunity."

Photos: Veterans Jim "Sky Trooper" Varian, Jon " Yoda" Lew, and Lisa "Boss Lady" Peake and USMC Marine

About Tug McGraw's Mixed Nutts at the Veterans Home of California, Yountville

The mission of the Mixed Nutts team aims to empower, encourage and support veterans and individuals of all ages who want to explore playing ball, in spite of physical or other challenges.

The Mixed Nutts play in replica vintage uniforms originally worn by the Home's 1915 Veterans Team that played and continue to play on the Home's historic Borman Field. The team ranges in ages from 62 to 94 years young.


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