The Story of the Mixed Nutts 

A Place Where Tug Played and the Home of the Foundation 

As many of you know, TMF is located on the grounds of the Veterans Home of California in Yountville. This incredible place is home to nearly 1000 veteran residents. It's also home to one of our nation's most beautiful baseball fields. A field of dreams that Tug loved to play on while growing up in the Napa Valley region. And since Tug McGraw was also a marine, it seemed the perfect choice to make our foundation's headquarters rooted right here at the Yountville Veterans Home. 

How the Mixed Nutts Came To Be

In 2014, TMF's CEO, Jennifer Brusstar, struck up a conversation with a resident sitting outside of her office who was sporting a New York baseball cap.  She asked the man, "Are you a Mets or Yankee fan?" He replied, "Yankee."  The 93-year-old veteran resident from New York went on to enlighten her about a baseball team that plays right there on the home's grounds. And to Jennifer's shock, he went on to say that he was currently playing on the team and invited her to catch one of their games. In her mind, she could hear Tug yelling from the fields of heaven,  “Ya Gotta Check That Out!”  When she did, she could not believe her eyes. This group of "Mixed Nutts" (a name they gave themselves) created this special league of love with 40 players ranging in age from 62 to 93 years young!

The Mission of the Team 

Today, The Tug McGraw Foundation is the extra lift for the Mixed Nutts, providing support for their program to thrive and grow each and every year. It's as if Tug was sending his support from heaven! In fact, Jennifer said, "If Tug were with us today, he would be smack dab in the middle of each game with these guys because they truly have his "Ya Gotta Believe” spirit."  With the simplicity of a bat, ball and glove, this team demonstrates why it's so important to enjoy life, encourage others and even laugh at yourself once in awhile.

Through America's favorite pastime, the Mixed Nutts program connects Veterans with the greater community. TMF's mission is to educate locals about the Veterans Home of Yountville, build relationships across generations, empower residents, encourage exercise and overall, promote a higher quality of life at the home. 

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