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04/17/2016 at 3:42pm

Tim McGraw Joining Forces to Further Improve Quality of Life for others


Having sold two companies for nine-digit sums and led the Nashville Entrepreneur Center as its founding CEO, Michael Burcham has a fair amount of star power in Nashville's health care and entrepreneurial circles. But the newest board member of Burcham's latest venture, Narus Health, is a slightly bigger name. Country singer Tim McGraw is joining the board of directors of the palliative care company, which aims to improve the quality of life for patients facing terminal illness.


The partnership brings together Nashville's two largest industries, health care and country music. McGraw's involvement and status as a public face for shared efforts of his own foundation and Narus will help get the company's message out to a broader audience of consumers, Burcham said.


Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

“When I learned of Narus Health’s patient-focused approach, helping people with serious illness live their lives, it struck a chord," McGraw, whose father, baseball player Tug McGraw, died of brain cancer, said in a news release. "I remember all the decisions my dad had to make along the way, and the support system he needed throughout his journey.


"When you are facing a serious illness, you need a dedicated team to ride alongside you," he continued. "People who will listen, provide support and guidance for you and your family, and give you a voice in your health care decisions. That’s the kind of care everyone deserves, and it’s why I’m partnering with Narus Health."



After five years running the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and inspired by the death of his friend, mentor and family member Tommy Cato, Burcham launched Narus in 2015. The company has moved into offices at 2525 West End, Burcham said, and expects to launch its first pilots this summer. ( Read more about the company's backstory and model here.)



Burcham said he and McGraw first met through mutual friends, and soon connected about their shared personal experiences and passion for helping those facing terminal illness.  Narus and the Tug McGraw Foundation, named for the country singer's father, will announce a series of shared initiatives in the coming months, according to the release.



When Tim and I shared our personal stories of loved ones who faced a serious illness and the incredible amount of stress it placed on our families, we quickly realized we shared a passion for making a difference,” Burcham said. “We talked about ways we could give consumers a voice in their health care choices, support their families and provide them the guidance and resources they need to make informed decisions. We both knew at that moment: we could combine our teams and our talents to do something meaningful for families all over America."



Source: Nashville Business Journal


Eleanor Kennedy covers Nashville's health care and technology industries.